Why is it important to monitor in real time?

June 7, 2019

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Companies, institutions and organizations need more than ever access to certain critical data.

Having that information in real-time can bring great benefits and opportunities. Data will help detect points of improvement and savings opportunities and, ultimately, make better decisions quickly improving efficiency.

Monitoring real-time data provides the ability to detect problems before they appear.

Thus, knowing the reality of the data that affects us becomes a strategy and guide for optimizing resources and processes.

Monitoring can be applied to parameters such as air quality and emissions, water, industry 4.0, Smart Cities or Smart Products.

Cities and businesses need reliable, real-time information about air quality, noise pollution and industrial emissions to both guarantee their citizens’ quality of life and to protect the environment.

Other industries responsible for water cycle management or utility companies need to manage other related assets, for example, with the channelling, flows or technical processes that inform them of the state and can anticipate possible leaks or major failures.


How is the monitoring process?

To access the data that interests us, we need to have a high-quality monitoring system and remote connectivity from anywhere.

The data will be collected by a device and sent to a cloud platform through Internet. From this cloud, the user can access them at any time and from any location, obtaining information in real-time that will allow them to optimize resources and avoid risks.

What does monitoring bring?

  1. Alerts system: every time a preset event happens, a warning will be generated
  2. Notifications by email
  3. Generate multiparametric and advanced graphs to facilitate the analysis of the data
  4. Statistical analysis
  5. Reporting
  6. Configuration of read and send periods, thresholds and alarms
  7. Manage user profiles. The data accessed by each user will be different according to the available permits
  8. Open API secure to integrate the information in SCADA, applications and OPCs
  9. Geolocation teams and control them remotely
  10. Set up one or more computers at the same time

At Kunak we manufacture innovative solutions to implement wireless monitoring systems whose energy efficiency features and end-to-end system architecture provide a great advantage in isolated, remote and complex environments, ensuring robustness and integrity 24/7.

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