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Kunak AIR Cloud

Air quality software

Simplify data analysis and get actionable insights for decision-making


air quality software
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air quality monitoring software

Air quality monitoring software

Visualise and analyse the data collected by your sensor network.

Kunak AIR Cloud is an easy-to-use data analysis software for decision-making. Access real-time data collected by the sensor network to make decisions that help improve air quality in the environment and protect people’s health.

The Kunak AIR Cloud web platform offers professionals a complete suite for air quality data analysis, as well as a new way to remotely operate the network, manage devices, set alarms, calibrate and perform field operations.

Choose the tools you need for your project.

Kunak AIR Cloud is a modular and flexible software designed to facilitate user account management, easy network operation, intuitive data analysis and validation, and fast and intuitive reporting.


Cloud based

Cloud based

Reliable data guaranteed

Flexible & scalable

Multiple users

Data integration

Advanced tools

Air pollution software

Analyse and understand pollution behaviour.

Thanks to the air quality software, you will:

Identify hotspots

Characterise pollution sources

Detect potential leaks

Perform particle size analysis

Manage your sensor network

Perform multi-parametric analysis

Log maintenance tasks on your devices (CMMS)

Access alarm logging and traceability

Validate data and create customised reports

Our air quality monitoring software is the perfect complement to unleash the full potential of Kunak AIR stations and air pollution monitoring networks.

A complete suite of solutions to get the most out of air quality data


Easy fast installation

Secure & Confidential

HTTPS/SSL protocols. Confidentiality and ownership of data are guaranteed by EULA.

Cartridges system

Free continuous updates

Always be up-to-date. Enjoy any new tool or functionality immediately without additional cost.

Proven accuracy

Air quality reports

Create custom reports to show AQ data in required formats to share with your clients or external agencies.

Easy calibration

Automatic supervision

Monitor the health of your stations & sensors remotely and troubleshoot with automatic tips.

Air quality<br />

Reliable data guaranteed

Ensure reliable data thanks to automatic data invalidation. Benefit from advanced algorithms for automatic data tagging.

Multi pollutant

Pollution sources & hotspots identification

Powerful air quality tools and advanced data visualization over the map.

Fully autonomous

Remote troubleshooting

Service, diagnose and troubleshoot your stations remotely. Get remote support from our team.

Real-time<br />

Easy data sharing & integration

Share the collected data via API or export in different formats. Insert data from 3rd party devices.

Add environmental sensors

Public air quality data

Create public web portals and widgets to share air quality data with stakeholders.



Control panel

Check the status of your devices and easily view reliable data in real-time thanks to automatic data tagging.



View your devices on a map, their status and the latest measurements.


Basic analytics

View standard data, hourly/daily average calculations and basic statistics.


Air Quality Index

Display of standard data, calculations of hourly/daily averages and basic statistics.


Automatic invalidation

Automatic pre-invalidation of data in case of sensor malfunction.


Alert system

Remote configuration of warnings for threshold exceedances.


Error detection

Automatic detection of errors, anomalies and decalibrations, notifying them and proposing advice on how to solve the problem.



Computerised maintenance management system to facilitate the maintenance of devices, recording any maintenance work.



Manage air quality data by assigning device locations to specific points.


Data validation

Simple, manual data validation to clean data sets and perform advanced analytics with reliable data.


Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics from the OpenAir suite such as calculation of basic statistics, pollutant time plots, temporal variation, wind plots and many more.


External data sources

Integration of other data sources in real-time or by importing files.


Customised reports

Easy creation of air quality reports automatically for one device and/or a whole network.


Heat mapping

Identify hotspots in an area and variable heat maps to see how they evolve over time.


Contamination sources

Detection of pollution sources through pollution roses and polar graphs directly on the map.


Particle counting

Particle size analysis tool including size distribution graphs by mass and by counts.

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