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Kunak API

Data integration beyond the Kunak Cloud solution

Extract information and use it in your software or management system


Kunak API
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Kunak API is a powerful connection system with Kunak AIR Cloud software that allows you to extract information and use it quickly and easily in your own software or management system.

Integrate data from external sources and make better informed decisions.

Design your own visualisation and management solutions, tools and applications, while maintaining access to the full functionality of our Kunak AIR Cloud platform for air quality and noise network management.


  • API REST interface.
  • JSON format for inputs and outputs.
  • Call limit adapted to each solution.
  • Size-limited outputs for fast response on any network.
  • Data export to other systems for processing from other sources.
  • Backup from Kunak Cloud as the main management platform, data backup and configuration tool.

API Rest interface

JSON format

JSON format

Number of calls for each case

No. of calls for each case

Tailored size

Tailored size

Data export



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Automate processes such as reading, alerting or device configuration. Develop your own visualisation and data processing tools, create automated systems whose performance depends on the data they collect, and interact with third-party systems, applications, services and devices.

Easy fast installation

Remote network management

Cartridges system

Data visualization & management

Proven accuracy

Process automation

Remote calibration

New tools development

Air quality<br />

Data analytics

Multi pollutant

Third-party systems integration

Get the most out of your data

Integrate network data into your platform.