The power of low-cost air quality sensors for cleaner environments

June 30, 2023
Low-cost air quality sensors mounted on a reference station in Pamplona

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In your daily life you breathe polluted air. In fact, as you are reading these lines, you are inhaling various pollutants that could affect your health.

Because let’s face it: there is no safe level of pollution. Any concentration, even below the legal limits, could affect your well-being.

How can this lack of awareness about air quality be tackled? With reliable and accurate information, with campaigns that clearly show the impact of pollution. But, above all, with networks of low-cost air quality sensors capable of providing indicative measurements to complement the readings of reference equipment.


Air pollution, an invisible problem that is all around us

You leave home and immediately notice that the atmosphere is heavy, with a kind of mist covering the city.

You notice that tiny particles that, perhaps, have crossed the ocean are floating in the atmosphere. That pollutant gases are enveloping you as you wait at the zebra crossing. Or that a characteristic “beret” of pollution becomes noticeable as you move away from the city centre.

And you think…

  • if I knew which the most polluted areas in my city were, maybe I could avoid them and take an alternative route;
  • if I knew in real time what the air quality was like,  I would change the time I exercise and make the most of when the pollution level is lower, or
  • if I had reliable and accurate information about air quality, I would be able to better protect my health and the health of my loved ones.

Do you often find yourself in this situation?


The power of indicative measurements with low-cost air quality monitors for a healthier environment

Having the resources to collect information about air quality and, with that information, establishing measures to improve atmospheric conditions is not something that should only be available to a few.

This is where low-cost or, as we prefer to say at Kunak, cost-effective air quality meters come into play, as they combine efficiency and reliability at an affordable cost.

And no. Cost-effective is not a synonym for poor quality or inaccurate data.

On the sensor-based station market there is a wide range of measurement systems, from those offering dubious reliability, without double calibration or that give incorrect results, to solutions such as Kunak’s, which are internationally recognised and endorsed by bodies such as the UNEP, World Athletics and the WHO.


What is the biggest advantage of low-cost air quality sensors?

The indicative measurements they provide and which complement the data collected by reference stations.

This information is defined by the Directive 2008/50/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the improvement of air quality as «measurements which meet data quality objectives that are less strict than those required for fixed measurements».

And, yes, they may have greater flexibility, but if there is one thing we can assure you of, it is that Kunak’s solutions offer accuracy very similar to that of much more expensive instruments.

Low-cost air quality sensors placed on top of a reference station

How can you take control of your well-being with low-cost air quality sensors?

The key is the creation of a dense air quality monitoring network that can expand the capabilities offered by fixed stations. Complementing and supplementing by basically adding stations with air quality sensors that collect indicative measurements.

Therefore, the main advantages offered by devices such as Kunak AIR, in addition to an affordable price,

  • are smaller sizes, with devices that can be placed on lampposts, billboards and traffic lights;
  • high mobility, with the possibility of moving them quickly to other locations;
  • quick installation and commissioning;
  • the measurement of air quality data in real time;
  • the option of adding additional probes to monitor weather variables, noise, etc.
  • the uploading of all the information to the air quality cloud platform, a tool from where authorised managers can consult air quality information with a couple of clicks and share it with the public,
  • validating actions that reduce pollution levels.

In short

Air quality is a fundamental factor in our health and well-being.

Kunak has the most advanced technology and the most innovative low-cost air quality meters to provide you with indicative air pollution measurements.

We can therefore make informed decisions, implement protective measures and help to create healthier communities.

Because you have the power to change the air you breathe.