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What is Kunak AIR Cloud?

The professional software for the remote management of air quality networks and data analysis.

Kunak AIR Cloud is a web platform that completes the Kunak AIR vertical solution for air quality management, taking data from the sensor to the cloud.

This software makes possible to quickly and easily use the data obtained by Kunak monitoring systems and other external sources.


The Kunak AIR Cloud platform meets all the management, operation, validation, calibration, and analysis needed in typical air quality monitoring project.

Kunak AIR Cloud facilitates the work of the maintenance technician, the operator, and the analyst, merging all functions in a single visual and intuitive platform that facilitates the decision-making process.


Our web-based air quality monitoring software, Kunak AIR Cloud, helps environmental professionals to understand and use air quality data to facilitate decision making. Thanks to our bidirectional software, Kunak AIR Cloud offers professionals a new way to manage remotely sensor networks:

  • The simple configuration of the devices
  • Easy management of alarms and warnings
  • Quick calibration of the system

Kunak AIR Cloud is designed to facilitate user account management, network maintenance, data validation, analysis and reporting, ensuring customer satisfaction thanks to its scalability and integration with other platforms through its simple API Rest.

Human centred

Service oriented

Decision making

Easy to set up

Easy to use

Easy to share

Reliable & Secure


Best support

Software plans


The best option for just visualizing your data, AQI, and configuring your devices, while our team operates your devices.

Dashboard to overview the health of your devices and sensors. Easily visualize your real-time data, check temporal graphs and get basic statistics. Obtain reliable data thanks to automatic data flagging.

  • Check your devices on a map, their operational status, and their last measurements.
  • Standard data visualisation, hourly/daily average calculations and basic statistics to show in a fast way all the data measured by your devices.
  • Export your data into CSV or TXT files.
  • Air Quality Index (AQI) tool according to different scales: EU, US EPA, Spain, India, etc.
  • Automatic pre-invalidation of the data under devices or sensors malfunctions.
  • Remote configuration of warnings for exceeding thresholds.
  • Bidirectional communication for remote configuration of the devices and remote firmware update.


To keep track of the devices, an operator is needed and these tools will facilitate his work. You will operate and maintain your network.

Assure the well-functioning of your network and get the best data accuracy thanks to the embedded automatic supervision algorithms. Confirm operation alarms (sensor malfunctions, devices problems…) and consult the online suggestions to troubleshoot the detected issues while controlling all the actions carried out in your devices through the CMMS tool.

  • Automatic errors and anomaly detection in the devices, sensors, and data immediately, notifying them and proposing tips to solve the issue.
  • Detect gas and particulate sensors’ de-calibration. Calibrate your gas and particle sensors remotely thanks to the Calibration Tool.
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to facilitate the maintenance of the devices, registering any maintenance work, uploading photos and documents, configuration history, activity journal, etc.
  • Manage your air quality data by locations assigning devices to specific spots.


Just visualising data not enough? Have access to the most advanced data analysis tools. our team will operate and maintain your network for you.

Get the most out of your data by validating your measurements and using the advanced analytics of the OpenAir suite. Detect source emissions and hotspots thanks to the tools which show advanced wind graphs and heatmaps on the map. Create customized reports and export or share them with your clients or stakeholders online.

  • Simple manual data Validation Tool to clean data sets and perform advanced analysis with reliable data.
  • Advanced Analytics Tool from Open Air suite to facilitate data analysis, including calculation of basic statistics, AQI calendar plots and pollutant concentration calendars, pollutant time plots, temporal variation, wind plots and many more.
  • Integration of other data sources in real-time or by file insertion.
  • Easy tool to create your AQ reports automatically of a device and/or an entire network.
  • Heatmaps to identify hotspots over a zone.
  • Time-varying heatmaps to know the evolution of hotspots over time.
  • Pollution sources detection using pollution roses and polar plots directly on the map.
  • Particle size analysis tool includes size distribution graphs by mass and counts.


Oriented for those who want to perform all services that involve obtaining the highest quality of sensor data.

Access all the tools included in the Kunak AIR Cloud software.

Configure your software pack

Get your Admin account

(only required for the first time, billed annually)

Manage users and accounts, and efficiently manage the network; configure, operate, calibrate and maintain the stations, validate and analyse data and create reports.

Choose the device’s package

(one package per device is required, billed annually)

Select the licence package that best suits your needs and allows you to get the most out of the data provided by the sensor network.

Choose between:

  • Starter
  • Starter + Operation
  • Starter + Analytics
  • Full

Add additional users according to your needs

(optional, billed annually)



Always keep on track with diagnosis, operation and maintenance work; and have access to consult validated data, custom analytics and reports.



Manage easily the network; configure, operate, calibrate and maintain the stations as well as validate and analyse data and create reports.

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