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Evidences of accuracy and performance

Usually, Kunak AIR stations’ performance is evaluated by co-locations alongside reference instruments.

The air quality monitoring solution is located in the field near a reference instrument for a period to provide a direct comparison of the device outputs to a calibrated reference instrument.

Kunak AIR devices are continuously tested to guarantee the highest quality results.

Kunak AIR Pro

AQSPEC Evaluation program

“The three sensors showed an absolute intra-model variability of 0.32 ppb, 0.33 ppb and 0.002 ppm for O3, NO2 and CO measurements, respectively.”


EPA Wildland Fire Sensors Challenge

“Sensor nodes have very small form factor and weight that are practical for response field deployments.”


The most accurate multi-pollutant sensor

AIRLAB Microsensor Challenge

“It provides excellent quality for PM1, very good quality for PM2.5, PM10, and O3, and good quality for NO2 and NO, being the best performing sensor for this latter pollutant.”

Proven performance

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