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Why is Kunak AIR the best air quality monitoring solution?

After 7 years of designing and deploying small air quality stations worldwide, we created the Kunak AIR Pro, a huge evolution of our previous sensor-based air quality monitoring station designed to solve the challenges encountered in this sensor-based technology.

Kunak AIR Pro

We offer a cost-effective air quality monitoring solution with precise data, similar to reference stations, and designed for use in urban, industrial and research environments. This facilitates better decision-making thanks to a greater volume of data and greater precision.

What issues can affect the accuracy of air quality monitoring systems?

The main issues found in the low-cost sensors according to the WMO:

  • Environmental conditions effects: low-cost sensors have a non-linear response to temperature, humidity and pressure. Besides, some gas sensors are susceptible to cross-sensitivities from other common atmospheric compounds.
  • Baseline and Sensitivity drift: Low-cost sensors suffer from non-linear baseline and sensitivity drift over time. They will require regular calibration to adjust these parameters.

How did Kunak solve these issues?

Our Kunak Air system has been designed to solve all the lifecycle challenges, its operation and maintenance, and the several low-cost sensors challenges. Thus, we have designed a cutting-edge smart gas cartridge system that follows a detailed QA&QC procedure, targeting the main environmental pollutants.

This cartridge system allows us to solve in a practical and easy way the problems mentioned before:

Environmental conditions effects

We characterize and select the best-in-class sensors which can perform well on the field under specified environmental conditions of temperature and humidity.

Kunak embedded its own algorithm to convert the raw data of each sensor into concentrations values (ppb or µg/m3), locally and in real-time, without using or needing external reference data to calculate them. Besides, the interferences and artifacts found in the raw data and the effect of temperature and pressure are corrected, as well as cross-sensitivities in gases and the humidity effect for particles.

Also, each gas cartridge is individually calibrated in the laboratory, against traceable reference standards, and validated on the field, adapting the algorithm for every specific sensor if required.

Baseline and sensitivity drifting

We offer a usable and functional Cloud for the remote management and configuration of air quality devices and data analysis. A calibration tool is available to re-adjust the sensors remotely and modify the baseline and sensitivity of each sensor individually to correct the drifting of the sensors.
Only two points are necessary to calibrate the device, a zero point for the baseline drift and a high concentration point (span) for the sensitivity drift.

  • In Kunak Cloud, you can calibrate the sensors yourself or you can contract it as an additional service.
  • Kunak guarantees the good calibration of each of the cartridges.
  • These can be replaced or sent to the factory for a new calibration once they have reached the end of their useful life.

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