Kunak AIR Pro: “The most accurate multi-pollutant sensor”

November 2, 2021
Best air quality sensor

On the 13th of October, our air quality station, Kunak AIR Pro, was awarded as THE MOST ACCURATE MULTI-CONTAMINANT SENSOR at the AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge 2021 organised by Airparif, an international workshop on air quality solutions.

The AIRLAB International Microsensor Challenge aims to periodically assess the advances in efficiency and reliability of these new air quality measurement technologies.

It is also an opportunity to show potential users how well the individual performance of the sensors matches the advantages presented by the manufacturers: ease of use, simplified reporting or affordable cost.

The results of this new edition have shown a clear improvement in the quality of the microsensors participating in the competition and in their ability to share their measurement data.


Review of Kunak AIR Pro

Some of the characteristics that the jury has put in value for the concession of this recognition have been:

  • Its elegant design.
  • Its very good overall accuracy, highlighting:
    • Excellent quality for the measurement of PM1.
    • Very good quality for monitoring PM2.5, PM10 and O3.
    • Good quality for NO2 and NO concentration detection (for the latter pollutant, it was the best-performing sensor-based station).
  • The extensive list of data retrieval options.
  • Quick configuration.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Detailed statistical reports.
  • Real-time alert system.


This has led to the Kunak AIR Pro being rated as the most accurate air quality sensor.



The Kunak AIR Pro helps to combat one of the most pressing problems, air pollution, which undermines our health and endangers our future by aggravating climate change.

This is a recognition of the excellent team of professionals who are and have been part of Kunak, but it is also an achievement that we would not have reached without the support of our customers, suppliers, distributors and other collaborators.


Air quality sensor comparison

All results per sensor are available free of charge on the AIRLAB website via a newly developed interactive platform. It offers navigation between the Challenge results, allowing searches by criteria and comparisons between the different solutions.

A new edition of the Challenge is planned for 2023.


Award ceremony (video)

In the following video it is possible to see the recording of the entire gala of the different awards given in the 2021 edition: