COVID-19 and air quality

May 8, 2020
Category: News

Few issues arouse as much interest at the moment as the coronavirus pandemic. And one of the issues that the health crisis generated by SARS-CoV-2 is bringing to the table is the possible link between COVID-19 and air quality.

Air pollution has long been shown to pose a risk to human health. In fact, continuous exposure contributes to the development and aggravation of various cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Therefore, this correlation is in the realm of the possible.

At Kunak we are aware of the concern that the situation generates. Therefore, we have decided to create this page in which we will compile articles of interest and analysis that will highlight this possible link between COVID-19 and air quality and its consequences.

Many of these findings involve the participation of professionals specialized in subjects such as air quality, data science or epidemiology. But they are based on preliminary information. Therefore, their conclusions should be welcomed with the utmost caution.

However, we believe that these publications can be treated as a warning signal that we should not ignore. Further studies are needed to confirm these initial hypotheses. And having air quality data with a high level of accuracy to analyse the correlation between health and pollution will become a key issue.

Perhaps because, as the Israeli writer Yuval Noah Harari says,

«the best defence against pathogens is information»


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