Deployment of Kunak AIR Pro air quality monitoring stations in the Philippines

June 7, 2022
Category: News

West Point Engineering Supplies Inc., Kunak’s official distributor in the Philippines, has started a pilot project for air quality monitoring in the municipality of Luna (Isabela, Philippines).

Pamplona, 11 May 2021 – On multiple opportunities, technologies linked to smart cities are associated with large cities, high population density, high-volume traffic or strong presence of industries that can threaten the air quality.

However, this statement is a cliché that needs to be changed, since any population centre, regardless of its size, can benefit from developments such as the Kunak AIR Pro air quality monitoring stations, which improve the quality of life of their citizens. And that is the aim that West Point Engineering Supplies Inc. is pursuing in the municipality of Luna as the official distributor of Kunak Technologies for the Philippines.

The municipality of Luna, formerly known as Antatet, is located in the province of Isabela (Luzon Island, Philippines). With approximately 21,000 inhabitants, its economic drivers are agriculture, industry and mining, production sectors that may contribute to the release of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. For the purpose of understanding and identifying the sources of these emissions, and thanks to the initiative of its mayor, Jaime N. Atayde, the municipality of Luna is running a pilot test to monitor environmental parameters and collect accurate data that will facilitate its decision-making process for the benefit of its residents.

The technology designed by Kunak and deployed by West Point Engineering Supplies Inc., specialists in providing innovative solutions for industries, makes this mission possible. The Kunak AIR Pro air quality monitoring stations represent a game-changer in the market, not only for the reliability of the data it provides but also for the many innovations it integrates. This system was awarded the most accurate multi-pollutant sensor at the AIRLAB International Microsensor Challenge, in October.

In short, another step forward in highlighting the benefits of the technological advances available today, which consolidate the market position of a Spanish company such as Kunak.