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Best air quality sensor

Kunak AIR Pro: “The most accurate multi-pollutant sensor”

On the 13th of October, our air quality station, Kunak AIR Pro, was awarded as THE MOST ACCURATE MULTI-CONTAMINANT SENSOR at the AIRLAB Microsensors Challenge 2021 organised by Airparif, an international workshop on air quality solutions. The AIRLAB International Microsensor Challenge aims to periodically assess the advances in efficiency and reliability of these new air […]

Javier Fernández, CEO and founder of Kunak, presents the new air quality station Kunak AIR Pro.

Presentation of the Kunak AIR Pro

By Javier Fernández, CEO and co-founder of Kunak Technologies S.L. After many months of hard work by the entire Kunak team, using the experience gained over the last few years designing and deploying air quality measurement stations around the world, we have launched new Kunak AIR Pro. When we set out to design this new […]

Kunak collaborates in Navarre’s circular economy strategy

The Government of Navarre, with the collaboration of the AIN (Association of the Industry of Navarre) has prepared a catalogue called "Circular Navarre Catalogue" which shows different organisations located in Navarre that contribute to a Circular Economy, including Kunak.