Best air quality monitor: Kunak AIR Pro and Kunak AIR Lite

December 13, 2023
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The most accurate air quality sensors on the market: Kunak AIR Pro and Kunak AIR Lite

Air quality is a key factor for the health and well-being of people and the environment. Therefore, it is essential to have reliable and accurate tools that allow measuring and monitoring the levels of atmospheric pollution in different scenarios and conditions.

In this regard, Kunak equipment (Kunak AIR Pro and Kunak AIR Lite) have once again proven to be the most accurate air quality sensors on the market (retaining the title achieved in the 2021 edition), according to the objective data obtained after tests carried out during the AIRLAB MICROSENSORS CHALLENGE, an initiative organised by Airparif, which aims to evaluate and compare the performance of different multi-pollutant sensors in real conditions of use.

Kunak AIR awarded most accurate multi-pollutant sensor


The most accurate air quality sensor

Kunak equipment has demonstrated its unrivalled accuracy in measuring air quality, reaffirming its commitment to excellence in this field. Thus, in the evaluations carried out in both France and Thailand, these sensors showed the best performance against all other competitors in extremely different environmental conditions, from urban and industrial areas to rural and tropical areas.

It should be noted that these results were obtained after the rectification of significant errors in the initial evaluation of the data collected during the tests, which had harmed the performance of Kunak equipment. Once these errors were corrected, Kunak’s product range was recognised for its unparalleled accuracy, far exceeding all other participants in the challenge.


The best ozone and PM2.5 sensor

In addition to their overall accuracy, Kunak equipment has particularly excelled in accurately measuring the most relevant pollutants for air quality: ozone (O3) and fine particles (PM2.5).

Kunak’s O3 sensors have proven to be the most accurate, obtaining the “Best Accuracy Award for Ozone Sensors” in both France and Thailand. Ozone is a gas that forms by the reaction of other pollutants with sunlight, and that has harmful effects on respiratory and cardiovascular health, as well as on vegetation and ecosystems.

On the other hand, Kunak AIR Lite won the award for best accuracy in the indoor PM2.5 category. Fine particles are small solid or liquid particles that are suspended in the air, and that can penetrate the body causing respiratory, cardiovascular and carcinogenic problems. The measurement of PM2.5 indoors is especially important, as it is where people spend most of their time, and where they can be exposed to sources of pollution such as tobacco smoke, cooking food or using cleaning products.

The results of each sensor are available on AIRLAB’s website via an interactive platform for analysis by those who wish to do so.


Kunak, the best air quality monitoring system in constant improvement

Kunak equipment has demonstrated its superiority in measuring air quality and its ability to adapt and continuously improve, being the only multi-pollutant sensor manufacturer that has improved its performance and scores from the previous Airlab in 2021, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to innovation and optimisation of its products.

Likewise, Kunak is a company recognised worldwide in the air quality sector and among experts, and its technology has been evaluated and validated by many international evaluators. Currently, Kunak has a presence in more than 60 countries around the world and has more than 120 satisfied customers, who trust their equipment to monitor and manage air quality efficiently and accurately.



Kunak equipment (Kunak AIR Pro and Kunak AIR Lite) are the best air quality monitors on the market, according to the results of the 2023 AIRLAB MICROSENSORS CHALLENGE, the largest comparative study of multi-pollutant sensors carried out to date. These sensors have stood out for their unrivalled accuracy, their ability to accurately measure ozone and fine particles, and their constant improvement and innovation.